Chinese Manufacturers: 
1.Xiamen Lilin Electronics 
2.Fujian Liectroux Robotics 
Co., Ltd.
Add: Liectroux Industrial Park, 
Xiayang Road, 
Xingyang Industrial Area,
Haichang District,
Xiamen,China 361000

3.Guangdong Liectroux Robotics 
Co., Ltd.
4. Liectroux (China) Co., Ltd. / 
5. Guangdong Lilin Intelligent
Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Liectroux Industrial Park,
Zhongkai High-tech Zone,
Huizhou, Guangdong

Contact: Bob Li 
Tel: 86-592-5117538
Mobile: +86 13799843867 
Wechat: +86 13799843867 
WhatsApp: +86 13799843867  

Liectroux Aliexpress Stores:

German Company: 
Address: Birnbaumsmühle 65, 
15234 Frankfurt/Oder 
Tel: +49 335 23386578 
French Company:  
Address: 250 bis boulevard 
Saint-Germain,75007 Paris,

Brazilian Company:
Address: Av Paulista, 171, 
andar 4, sala 343 - Bela Vista, 
São Paulo, SP, 
CEP: 01311-904, Brazil

US Company:  
Address: Room 2026, 
No. 26 Building,
No.18 East Street A Adams, 
Brighton CO, United States
Tel: +1 6262421205 
Vietnam Company:
Address: No.24, Alley 100, Tay Son
Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi,
Tel: 0084-2463286399

HK Company: 
Lilin International Group Ltd.
Add: Liectroux Building, 
JXM343, Wing Tuck Commercial Centre, 
177-83 Wing Lok St, Hong Kong 

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아내 크리스마스 선물 LL-D6601

제품명: 하우스키핑 로봇

제품 번호: LL-D6601

색상: 흑색, 은색, 금색




1. 밤낮 식별 기능

본 청소기는 본 기능으로 서로 다른 청소 방식에 진입 합니다. 밤에, 본 청소기는 뮤트 청소 방식을 적용하며 당신의 작업과 휴식에 영향 주지 않습니다.

2. 여러가지 청소 방식:

여러가지 청소 방식은 서로 다른 고객의 여러가지 청소 요구를 만족 시킵니다. 자동 청소 방식:  대면적 청소. 변두리 청소 방식: 벽아래 부분 및 가구 변두리를 따라 청소, 뮤트 청소 방식: 청소기는 낮은 소음으로 청소하기에 당신의 휴식과 작업에 영향주지 않습니다.

3. 추락 또는 충돌 방지 기능

센서는 청소기가 계단에서 추락 하거나 가구 또는 벽밑과의 충돌을 피합니다.

4. 감김 방지 기능

청소 브러시 브라켓은 청소기에 전선 또는 카펫 섬유, 변두리 등의 감김을 방지 합니다.

5. 오류 코드 표시 기능


본 청소기는 자동으로 이상 상황, 예를들면, 전압부족, 쓰레기통, 팬, 중앙 브러시, 바퀴 작업 이상 등을 확인하며 그후 작업을 정지하고LED에서 관련 오류 코드를 표시 합니다.

6. 타이머 청소 기능

당신의 요구에 따라 청소 시간을 배치 합니다.

7. 더블 사이드 브러시 기능

본 청소기는 더블 사이드 브러시를 적용하여 청소 넓이는400mm에 도달합니다.

8. 보강식 자외선 소독 기능

더욱긴 자외선 방사 튜브를 사용하여 더욱 유효히 세균을 소멸합니다.

9. 가상벽

가상벽은 특수한 적외선 신호를 발송하며 차페 구역을 형성하며  을 형성한것과 같으며 청소 로봇이 청소가 필요없는 구역으로의 진입을 방지 합니다. 

10. 블루투스2.4GHz리모콘

당신은 리모콘으로 청소기를 향하여 작동할 필요가 없습니다. 리모콘에는 로커 버튼이 있기에 사용이 더욱 편리 합니다.


Descriptions and features:



LL-D6601 robot vacuum cleaner is with independent Intellectual Property Right and has obtained 12 items of patents, maximized avoiding EU patent infringement which were applied by iRobot.


LL-D6601 robot vacuum cleaner not only has the same functions as other robot vacuum cleaners on the market, like auto cleaning, scheduled cleaning, automatic charging, anti-fall, anti-collide, etc, but also has the following features:


1. Day and Night Recognition

The cleaner can enter into different cleaning modes by this function. For example, at night, the cleaner will enter into mute cleaning mode automatically and will not disturb your rest or work.


2. Various Cleaning modes

The cleaner not only has auto cleaning, spot cleaning, scheduled cleaning modes, but only has independent mute cleaning, edge cleaning and zigzag cleaning modes.


3. Ultra Lowest Noise

Only 48dB at 1 meter.


4. With 2200mAh Lithium Ion Battery


No memory effect, its cycle lifespan is very long (At least 800 times for charging and discharging cycle).


5. Ultra Long Working Time

The cleaner can work for 2 hours after one charging.


6. Easy-dismantled Wheels

The right/left wheel is easily dismantled to clean or replaced without any oil spill.


7. Sensitive Touch Screen


Can control the cleaner more conveniently and comfortably.


8. Error Code Display

   The cleaner can identify the abnormal situations automatically, then it will stop working                          

   and show the corresponding error codes on LED screen.


9. Double Center Brushes

The center brushes consist of one main brush and one dusting brush. Main brush is for picking up the big debris, dusting brush is for cleaning up the fine dust.


10. Double Side Brushes

The cleaning width can reach 400mm.


11. Powerful UV Sterilization Device

Longer UV lamp tube, can kill the bacteria on floor more efficiently.


12. Pop-up Dustin Bin Release Button and Open-type Bin Design

Can take out the bin more easily and can dump the rubbish more conveniently.


13. Ultra Biggest Bin Capacity: About 0.8L


14. With HEPA Filter

Can avoid secondary pollution more efficiently.


15. Anti-tangle Function

With brush bracket(brush guard):                                     

The brush guard can prevent the center brushes from getting stuck on electric wires or carpet tassels/fringes on floor.


16. With Aluminum Fan Blades

The material of fan blades is made of aluminum, is the same as traditional vacuum cleaners, can produce more powerful suction.


17. Easy-dismantled Fan Module



The fan module can be dismantled and you can wash the bin.


18. Non Marring Bumper

With soft rubber bumper, it will not damage the furniture during cleaning

19. Humanized Design of Charging Base



 You can put the spare electric wires of adapter along the back slot of charging base.


20. With Virtual Wall                         

Virtual wall can launch some special IR signals to form a blocked area, just like a ?wall?, can prevent the cleaner from cleaning unnecessary area or disturbing your work.


21. Bluetooth 2.4GHz Remote Controller with Rocker Buttons

You don?t have to point the remoter controller at the cleaner to operate. Combined with rocker buttons, the remote controller can be used more comfortably.

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